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Dragon Spawn Chronicles, Book 1
ISBN# 1601549814
2006/October 2011
Venus Press/The Wild Rose Press
E Book/Print
272 Pages
Paranormal, Fantasy Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Rhiannon, sent to live with the MacKays as a child, was hidden from an evil sorcerer greedy for her power. She had no knowledge of her parents, or of any power she possessed. Never fitting in with the MacKays, she tried to stay out of the way and keep a low profile.

Dylan, Laird MacGregor, always had a dark cloud surrounding him. Born with the mark of the dragon, the people around him wait for evil to surface, though he has shown them nothing but kindness. He has no hope of changing the way he is viewed, until he meets Rhiannon.

Rhiannon and Dylan each have something that sets them apart from others. When they meet, they feel a strong pull toward each other, but do not know it is more than just attraction. As they learn of the evil sorcerer’s plan, and the prophecy they must fulfill, they know the only way to succeed is together. They are two halves of the same whole.

Wow! Dragons, lairds, fairies, sorcerers and more! The Dragon Laird has so much to offer. The world that Ms. Lynne has created is easy to slide into without even realizing it. On the first page I was transported to the Enchanted Forest, and I never emerged. Her writing is so descriptive, I felt I was seeing exactly what she wanted me to. The feelings and actions of the characters made them come to life, and I felt as though I knew them. This book is not only a love story; there is action and adventure at every turn. The Dragon Laird is a book you do not want leave on the bookshelf!

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