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Book 1: Dragonstone
Book 2: The Dragon's Heart

Dragonstone Book 2
ISBN#: 1601549156
April 2011
The Wild Rose Press
368 Pages
Fantasy, Faery Rose
Rating: 5 Cups

Unaware of prophecy, Serena is sure everyone is right that her stone has no power and, therefore, she is useless. She meets an intriguing man and considers exile into the outer lands in order to seek her destiny.

Blaze is key to a plot to once again attempt to destroy the kingdom through black magic. With an axe to grind, he hates the royal family until the day he meets Serena and finds nothing he expected from royal blood.

Two worlds are on a collision course, and the line between right and wrong will blur. Two souls will be forced to examine all they thought they knew and reconcile it with reality revealed.

The writing and story formation are an amazing testament to formidable talent. The characters are built to enable the reader to sympathize with them no matter how dark they at first appear. There are two sides to every story, and Michelle Young holds a mirror up to the reader’s face and shows them there is always another way. A story of redemption, forgiveness and love offers the reader a brief moment to believe in a knight in shining armor who is tarnished around the edges. Michelle Young creates a world where adventure takes the front seat and the reader is offered a ride.

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