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Book 1: The Inferno Collection
Book 2: The Drowning Pool

Librarian Kim Reynolds, Book 2
ISBN: (13)9780373267873
February 2012
Worldwide Library
$7.99 US / $8.99 CAN
331 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Having a highly developed sixth sense has helped Kim Reynolds unravel mysteries in the past, but when it comes to romance, it has been no help at all. Her feelings for Mike scare her with their intensity, but she cannot ignore what different lives they lead.

As a detective, his intuition has always served him well, and Lt. Mike Gardner is sure this case will be no different. He feels the same about his relationship with Kim. And if he can get her to trust in them, he has no doubt she will make the perfect addition to his family.

A dead body floating in a pool is certainly not the best way to end the day, especially when Mike would rather be spending it with Kim. But when duty calls, he has to be there. He and his new partner, Bert, are still trying to figure each other out. Of course, with a murder to solve, personality issues will have to wait. Mike, Bert and Kim work to unravel the conflicting stories. With all the lies and half-truths, it is getting harder by the minute. Every clue seems to lead to a dead end, but Mike refuses to stop, especially when threats start coming in to those he loves.

With so many motives to go around, it is not hard to imagine how frustrated Mike is getting with this case. His character takes more of a lead role as a dedicated lover with his devoted father and a hard working attitude. However I do not get the same feel for Kim. Oftentimes she comes across as vague and indecisive, especially when it comes to her relationship with Mike. I would prefer to see this story toned down of its embellishments, letting the characters and their dialogues be more real and less exaggerated.

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