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ISBN: 9781619216624 / ASIN: B00DJQYAXK
September 24 2013
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
274 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Camryn Covic is always known for her logical, no emotions, business approach to everything. Her family is very loud, obnoxious, and always teasing her. It is what they do best. Her boyfriend broke up with her on the same day she got fired, which just happened to be the same day she got a 30-day notice that she has to vacate her home. She wonders if she will ever have any luck.

Troy Lanske has been family for decades. He has trusted Camryn for as long as he has known her. He met her when he was very young. He has confided in her when he could not confide in anyone else. This was after first meeting the family when he was much younger. He has lived through hell and back, and she was there for him. And now he wants to assist Camryn in keeping her family off her back.

Camryn has changed a lot and seems to have lost faith in many things, Troy notices. He wants to restore her hope in falling in love, but he does not know how to keep her "wall" down. He does not ever consider his plan backfiring and him falling for her. He knows this plan they have devised can not last long. How will their family react when they break up right after her sister's wedding is over? He could lose more than just a fake relationship. He could lose his heart.

What a book! I can say this is a novel that has me wanting to read more from this author. It was brilliant. The sensitive male and somewhat cold female added a better balance than most novels that have those personality traits reversed. Look out at what is going on in the world. Things are changing. This book really did show the average family - loving with some dysfunction. This family unit has dysfunction in a unique way, quite a few loopy crazies. When Camryn finally stands up for herself, she seems to really like it, and so will you. Life is getting sweeter by the minute, and this book is 5 cups of sugar. It's a must read!

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