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ISBN#: 978-0-06-135099-3
October 2009
Avon Books (An imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
341 Pages
Historical Romance
Ratings: 5 Cups

Gillian Ranson, Lady Wright decides, after four years of being neglected by her husband, to take a lover. Andres Ramigio is gallant and makes her heart beat faster than any other since her husband chose a mistress and his military career over her.

Brian Ranson is a military officer and noted swordsman. There were considerations in his marriage to Gillian, between their fathers, but that no longer matters. He wants his wife by his side, and will use force if necessary.

Aunt Agatha thinks Gillian is only out to humiliate her husband, Brian, with all this divorce talk. Sure, Andres is deliciously handsome for a Spaniard, but getting a divorce, and throwing away her marriage, would be a huge mistake for Gillian. Brian wants his wife home with him. He finds Gillian no longer the mouse of a woman he married, but someone bold, confident and most beautiful. It does not matter that their marriage is a union of convenience; he is back from fighting and wishes her by his side. There were things in his life that kept him busy, but no more. He will fight for her now at any cost, but will he win her heart?

I have to admit, the minute I started reading this story, I was hooked. The Earl Claims His Wife flows at a great pace and kept me rapidly turning the pages. Gillian’s character was beautifully spun in the way her feelings were expressed for her need to find her independence, as well as discover true happiness. I love the way Brian goes to battle for her and Andres stands by as her protector. Cathy Maxwell creates a moving read that captivated this reader immensely. This extraordinary tale, with bursting expressions, has left a lasting impression with this reader.

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