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ISBN#: 9780062379313
26 January 2016
P.S. /William Morrow/Harper Collins Publishers
Trade Paperback
$15.99 US/ $19.99 CAN
380 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

In 1885 Frances Barnett finds herself unsure of her own thoughts and a patient in Northampton Lunatic Hospital. She believes that the onset of a pregnancy might be when her thoughts started to scramble. Or it could have been her interest in following a murder trial with the specific details about blood and other forensic interesting tidbits.

Abby Bernacki is a modern day new mother living in that same house that Frances Barnett lived in. She soon finds her thoughts confusing. She soon starts to uncover the house's history, as well as, more about Francis's life, and soon finds some information that is a bit disturbing.

The separation in time does not seem to impede the connection that seems to forge between Abby and Francis. The information that Abby uncovers soon tells a story that will seem to test the limits of what one will do to save themselves or even what one may do for simple greed or recognition.

I did not know whether to be shaking in my shoes or read with the lights on. The Evening Spider WILL definitely capture your attention. The reading from both Abby's and Frances's point of view just added more chills to this story. I awaited with baited breath to get to the end just to find out the mystery, and I was totally surprised and not at disappointed. This was my first book by Ms. Arsenault but I have already hunted down more of her books for reading! Kudos on a VERY thrilling read.

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