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The Submissive Series
Book 1: The Submissive
Book 2: The Dominant
Book 3: The Training
Book 4: Seduced By Fire
Book 5: The Chalet
Book 6: The Enticement
Book 7: The Collar
Book 8: The Exhibitionist
Book 9: The Master

The Submissive Series, Book 8
ISBN: 9780451474520
November 3, 2015
New American Library
Trade Paperback
$15.00 US / $20.00 CAN
304 Pages
Contemporary, Romance, BDSM
Rating: 4 Cups

Very few women are as lucky as Abigail West, and she knows it. She has two beautiful children and a gorgeous husband, who is also the most amazing Dom any sub could ask for, so why does she want more?

Sharing is pretty much a hard limit for Nathaniel West. No one touches his wife but him. He can tell she thrives on the attention of an audience, he just hopes there is not more to it.

Whether it is real or on camera Abby gets an amazing rush when she knows she is being watched. The thrill is becoming addictive, which makes her wonder where it will stop. Nathaniel is not about to invite someone into bed with him and Abby, although he is beginning to worry that may be what she needs. Not being enough to satisfy Abby scares him, and makes him wonder if it could mean the end of their relationship.

Jealousy is an ugly emotion, especially when two people are as open and loving as Abby and Nathaniel seem to be. Learning boundaries in a D/s relationship is an ongoing process for this couple, and it should be. No marriage survives in a static state, which means communication is so vital. Abby and Nathaniel suffer just like any other couple when they forget this most basic principle.

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