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The Fae Book 1
ISBN # 9789765336873
March 10, 2015
352 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Brianna Hai is perfectly satisfied living in the human world and running her occult shop. Her business caters to humans looking to dabble in magic they do not really believe in, and those who are not quite of the human realm. Then Brianna’s shop is attacked and a powerful artifact is stolen.

Brianna knows her shop was targeted on purpose, but she must discover why. It soon becomes apparent that her father, King Liu of the Fae, is also under attack. Dealing with the petty political games of the Fae court is never easy.

It will take all of Brianna’s considerable power to retrieve the missing artifact. Along with her loyal Gargoyle, Pug, and the humans David and Angelo, she finds what she is looking for. The danger comes when Brianna’s actions make her an unwilling heir to the throne of the Fae and an irresistible target to her enemies.

Lovers of urban fantasy will enjoy this fast paced novel. However, there is a lot of information for a reader to absorb right out of the gate. Hopefully the next few novels in this series will answer some of the questions raised by this first book.

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