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Sigma Series
Book 1: Sandstorm
Book 2: Map of Bones
Book 3: Black Order
Book 4: The Judas Strain
Book 5: The Last Oracle
Book 6: The Doomsday Key
Book 7: The Skeleton Key
Book 8: The Devil Colony
Book 9: Tracker
Book 10: Bloodline
Book 11: The Eye of God
Book 12: The Sixth Extinction

Sigma Series, Book 11
ISBN: 9780061785672
February 2014
Harper Collins
$9.99 US / $11.99 CAN
554 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

A streaming comet is a beautiful sight to behold; unfortunately Commander Gray Pierce knows this one holds a deadly secret. The comet’s tail is littered with thousands of potential missiles homing in on Earth, almost like there is a beacon drawing them in.

Hardened by years of fighting just to stay alive, Seichan finds it difficult to ever let down her guard. Even as close as she is getting to Gray, there are boundaries she is still unable to cross.

Following leads that go back to the time of Genghis Khan, Gray fears they will never make their timeline. Failure, however is not an option if he wants to keep most of the Eastern seaboard alive. He, Seichan, and a select few from the elite Sigma force, have only days to track down secrets that are more than millennia old. Traversing the planet; from congested crime filled city streets, to the freezing high steppes of Mongolia, Gray and his team are in direct line of fire from all sides, where every step forward is a land mine, and every second wasted could mean billions of lives.

This story rips you right out of your seat and throws you head first into a whirlwind race to save the planet, alongside Gray and his crew. I love the escalating danger, hidden treasures, and especially the graphic depictions of historic and current events colliding together. Mr. Rollins uses a fountain of knowledge to create exhilarating novels, which are made even better because their foundation is based on fact rather than fiction. In my opinion, any author who can combine subjects like quantum physics, multiverses, and Genghis Khan, make them understandable, and better yet, exciting for the reader is leaps and bounds above their peers!

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