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ISBN#: 978-1-58749-170-2
June 2009
Awe Struck E-books
245 Pages
Historical Romance/Regency
Rating: 5 Cups

Georgina Montcalm, despite her height, was at one time the neighborhood belle, but she only had eyes for her childhood friend Trevor. Trevor felt the same and promised to marry her when he got back from war. In the meantime Georgina’s world changed drastically.

Trevor Longchamps is the pampered and selfish son of a wealthy family, but war and a grievous injury changed him. He is dazzled and in love with Society’s current Incomparable and wants to marry her instead of his childhood sweetheart and since he pretty much does whatever he wants, he breaks his promise to Georgina.

Georgina has been trying to hold together the family estate for a distant cousin who has inherited, sacrificing pretty much all of her assets for her tenants. She has just been jilted by the man she always thought that she would marry, and her future is uncertain when she is invited by her godmother for a season in London. Trevor, who once promised to marry her, is in love with another and her estate belongs to someone else also, so Georgina decides to take her up on the offer and will try to make a new life for herself. Unfortunately, Lady Barnstaple is also Trevor’s aunt, so she cannot forget him completely. Her success in society and the inevitable comparison between Georgina and his beloved Diana, who is not who she seems, make Trevor doubt his decision, but it might be too late.

This is the best Regency style historical that I have read in ages. I loved the characters. Georgina is strong and though she has been wronged, she is by no means a door mat. Lady Barnstaple is a force to be reckoned with, not exactly kindly, but she definitely loves her family. Diana is an adventuress, but I almost felt sorry for her, and Trevor definitely inspired mixed and strong emotions. I enjoyed watching him grow up, late as it was. The plot is engrossing and moves quickly, with lots of twists and turns, great dialogue, and vivid descriptions of people and places. Felix Charbonneau is a particularly intriguing enigma in this excellent tale.

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