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The Gabriel Allon Series
Book 1: The Kill Artist
Book 2: The English Assassin
Book 3: The Confessor
Book 4: A Death in Vienna
Book 5: Prince of Fire
Book 6: The Messenger
Book 7: The Secret Servant
Book 8: Moscow Rules
Book 9: The Defector
Book 10: The Rembrandt Affair
Book 11: Portrait of a Spy
Book 13: The English Girl

Gabriel Allon, Book 12
ISBN# (10)0062253832, (13) 978/0062253835/9780062073150
17 July 2012
Harper Collins Publishing
436 Pages
Mystery Thriller Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Gabriel Allon is an art restorer for the Vatican. He is also retired from his old life, but when a close friend asks him to discreetly solve a murder, he ends up in the middle of a much bigger cover-up. At first, he investigates for professional reasons, but when someone tries to kill his wife, it becomes personal. Now he will stop at nothing until he takes down the head of the Italian mob.

Chiera loves Gabrial and is worried about his mission. He is not young was anymore, and she does not know if he will survive this time. As things become more intense, she will do everything she can to aid him and the group. Hopefully, this time he really can retire, and they may be able to finally start a family.

Retired Israeli Intelligence officer, Gabriel Allon, has been hiding at the Vatican as an art restorer. While working on the famous Caravaggio, he is pulled to the side by his friend, Monsignor Luigi Donati, and asked to look into the death of a woman found on the floor under the dome. As he investigates further, he becomes involved in a much larger secret that puts him in the line of danger. Now he will have to use all of his skills and put his group together again, in order to solve the case and survive.

This is a thrilling, suspense-filled story, full of action and great detail. I love the description of the different lands and art pieces. It definitely keeps me on the edge of my seat as more and more intense situations arise. Gabriel is not only a talented spy. He is clever and is a good heart. There is a great deal of sympathy as Gabriel visits his first wife and delves into his painful past memories. The interpersonal relationships between him and his wife and friends really help to move the story along on a personal level. Mr. Silva shows wonderful knowledge of the geography and cultures of the countries he has written about. This is a great read, and I plan to read the rest of the series soon.

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