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Wild Mountain Shifters

Book 1: The Guardian
Book 2: The Protector
Book 3: The Fallen

Wild Mountain Shifters, Book 3
ISBN# 9781772335767
November 2015
163 Pages
Paranormal, BDSM, Erotic, Shifters/Vampires
Rating: 4 Cups

Lucas is a fallen guardian of the Wild Mountain Shifters whose very focus is revenge for the death of his mate. It has been his sole focus, but a visitor to his small town has changed his point of view.

Jennifer McCallen gave up a job in law enforcement to go to work for her boss, only to find he is not the man he appears to be. Now she is working to gather evidence on his misdeeds. She has all she needs, but before she can get away, her world is opened up to include a new reality which just might kill her.

Lucas feels he is a danger to Jennifer, but little does he know she brought the danger to town and he just may be her only salvation. The lives of these two individuals and those of everyone in the small town of Pleasant Cove are about to change.

The character development and continued storyline were perfect. The reader never feels lost to the story, even though the storyline continues from the previous books. Lucas' character appears to have been a different man in the previous books, but his transition to a changed man is handled successfully. I enjoyed reading The Fallen and the writing of Ms. Anderson is entertaining.

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