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ISBN#: 1940695589
November 25, 2014
EsKape Press
$ 0.99
186 Pages
Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Sweet Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

University student Cassidy Keane seems to have it all. She is only months away from graduating as a certified accountant, and she is dating the handsomest medical student on campus, Keefe Brennan. Yet Cassidy keeps her heart carefully guarded - especially from her best friend, Tristan Conlan. Theirs is a friendship Cassidy is determined not to ruin, even if her feelings for him are deeper than friendship.

Tristan has been in love with Cassidy for as long as he can remember. He has tried to tell her how he feels, but something always seems to prevent him from revealing the truth. Now, with a serious relationship consuming Cassidy’s attention, Tristan may never get his chance if he sits back and waits for fate to play out.

Life on campus at Fyfe University is not helping Cassidy see through Keefe’s charm and unwavering devotion. Fellow dorm mate, Ava Kayne, is inexplicably determined to make things miserable for Cassidy. And a wave of thefts suddenly throws the residents of Brantley Hall into a game of “Whodunnit.” Through all this, Cassidy will have to decide what - and who - is truly important to her.

The Fearful Heart was stylistically well-written and entertaining. I really wanted to love it, but there were several things I simply could not ignore. The most significant was that there was so little time devoted to Tristan and so much time devoted to Keefe. I really got to like Keefe, and his sudden transformation from dream-come-true to deceitful antagonist was unsettling. Second, Ava’s villainy was too caricature, and her redemption a case of too-little-too-late. And finally, the behaviors of the characters were often unrealistic for their age group. I am torn in giving this review, because there is a marked dichotomy in my mind between these aspects which I did not care for and the fact that The Fearful Heart is well-written and entertaining. I invite readers to give it a try and decide for themselves.

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