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ISBN#: 978-1-62300-885-7
April 7, 2015
Loose Id, LLC
153 Pages
LGBT, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

The episodes are coming frequently enough Shawn Tillerman is beginning to fear for his sanity. He cannot afford to keep phasing out, not with his sister Gabrielle needing him more and more.

After all his searching, Raleigh Carter finally finds the man he has been looking for. Each time they part is torture, yet Raleigh never loses faith they will soon be together again.

The blackouts Shawn is having are almost like memories or flashbacks, although he knows this cannot be true when they feature different places and time periods. Raleigh is a comfort at a time when Shawn needs it most, yet he cannot afford the luxury with someone who may be crazier than he is. Gabrielle’s health must be his priority and Shawn will give up anything to make sure she gets the help she needs, even if it costs him a man like Raleigh. Finding his lover time and again is never easy for Raleigh, but if Shawn refuses to let his memories come this could be the last.

The plot here is a wonderfully unique take on star-crossed lovers. While Shawn is in a fight to save his sister, his real battle is between what his heart knows to be true and his mind refuses to accept. As much as Shawn rages against the truth, Raleigh is forever the calm in his storm. And what I love most is that Raleigh never gives up, even in the face of Shawn’s denial.

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