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The Twilight Texas Series

Book 1- The Sweethearts Knitting Club
Book 2 –The True Love Quilting Club
Book 3 - The Fist Love Cookie Club
Book 4 – The Welcome Home Garden Club
Book 5 - The Christmas Cookie Collection
Book 6 - The Valentine’s Day Disaster
Book 7 - Christmas at Twilight

ISBN: 978-0-06-198842-4
November 2010
Avon Books
Price Unavailable
474 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Always on the outside looking in, Sarah Collier has spent nearly her entire life absorbed in her own world, burying herself in books. As a child, her greatest joy was to spend holidays and summers with her gram in Twilight, Texas, where she would smother her loneliness with warm cookies and romantic dreams.

No one, least of all Travis Walker himself, would have ever imagined that fatherhood would completely turn his life around. He married hastily and young, but he has never regretted the accidental pregnancy that gave him the greatest love of his life, his daughter Jazzy.

Having it in her power to grant a very sick little girl’s Christmas wish has Sarah quaking in her stiletto boots, and it is all due to the thought of returning to the scene of the crime, Twilight, Texas. She was a naïve, moony, and ultimately crushed teenage girl when she left Twilight, but time and maturity is no match for the sheer terror she feels at the thought of seeing Travis again. Travis is father, mother, and nurse to his beautiful little angel, but seeing Sarah again reminds him that he is also a man. However, Jazzy’s precarious health and gregarious nature remind Travis that no matter how he feels about Sarah, if she cannot get past her need for isolation and fear of feeling, he cannot risk his heart or Jazzy’s.

You cannot help but fall completely in love with Travis as he puts all of his energy into making the world a happy, loving place for his daughter Jazzy. Sarah, in comparison and in my opinion, tends to look too needy in light of her successes and achievements. It is her choice to cut herself off from humanity, and thank goodness Travis is there to save her from herself. He and Jazzy are the sun, the moon, and the stars of this story, benefiting all others with their radiance.

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