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ISBN# 9781476727479
27 August 2013
Pocket Books
396 Pages
Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

As a twin, Roxanne Love knows how it feels to be linked to another person on a level few can understand. Yet, she and Reece have a more bizarre connection. They have both died and come back. Not just once. On three separate occasions.

Reaping the soul of Santo Castillo is amazingly easy, considering the man wants to be dead so badly he is ready to eat his gun. What he does not anticipate is how his and Santo’s feelings are now intertwined and focused on one thing–Roxanne Love.

His only goal in taking over Santo is to find out how he keeps getting cheated of Roxanne’s soul. Now all he can think about is how to keep her alive. Somehow, she is linked to a gate between here and the Beyond. A gate that, if not closed, will unleash unimaginable horror upon the Earth. The odds are stacked so greatly against them that Roxanne and Santo cling even to the smallest kernel of hope, knowing it will take nothing less than a miracle to survive the impending battle.

When you merely exist on the thin thread between life and death, very little else matters. For Santo, death is a welcome reprieve from crushing despair, until the moment when he is in Roxanne’s presence. Then you can almost feel him come alive. This story drags its characters through the bowels of hell while driving them closer and closer together, making you savor every moment of happiness in all the turmoil.

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