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ISBN: 978-1-250-04389-4
July 29, 2014
St. Martin’s Press
Hard Cover
$26.99 US / $31.00 CAN
480 Pages
Historical Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

It is easy to have men lining up when you are the heiress to the Lennox fortune, yet Charlotte Baird is more at home behind her camera than searching for a suitable match. The endless social engagements full of mindless gossip is much more her soon-to-be sister in-law’s scene, whereas Charlotte mostly feels awkward and out of place.

When he is on horseback, Bay Middleton is in his glory. Although the attention of beautiful and wealthy women come in a close second, he finds very little that compares to flying over fences and racing through fields on a hunt.

Charlotte is such a refreshing change from the women Bay usually associates with, he is immediately smitten. There is a sudden urge to run off with her, almost as if something is waiting in the wings that will stand in the way. That something comes in the form of the Empress of Austria, who takes a very keen liking to Bay, which he finds nearly powerless to resist. Rebuffing royalty is just not done, yet Bay is having a very hard time reconciling what is right with what is duty, and how painful this must be for Charlotte.

Throughout this story Charlotte’s family treats her like a child who cannot possibly know her own mind, which in my opinion could not be further from the truth. She sees something in Bay that goes beyond the good looks and fancy uniform, even if he often proves otherwise. What I see is that Bay follows the path of least resistance, and then regrets his actions when it is too late to do any good. I feel he is much too easily swayed, and not nearly the man he could or should be.

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