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ISBN#: 978-0-7582-5884-7
July 2011
Kensington Publishing, Inc.
350 Pages
Contemporary Women’s Fiction with Romantic Elements
Rating: 5 Cups

Soorya Giri is a young successful businesswoman, balancing her Indian-American upbringing with the tradition of arranged marriages and the modern single girl.

Roger (Rajesh) Vadepalli is gorgeous, charming and on her bridal-viewing list as a potential husband.

Lou is widowed and a fellow colleague but not likely to gain approval by her family as an ideal match for Soorya.

As an independent woman, Soorya does not really buy into the traditions her family tries to impress upon her, certainly not an arranged marriage. She gains much satisfaction in her career as an environmental lawyer, however, she still clings to the conservative values that are so well ingrained. In a pessimistic yet yearning hope, Soorya still secretly dreams of marriage and family. Cynicism makes her distrustful of the gorgeous Roger Vadepalli’s intentions while another man awakens in her the awareness that she is a healthy, vibrant and attractive woman.

Ms. Bantwal has formulated a treasure of words for an engaging read remaining long after the final scene has been deliciously absorbed. Frankly, I cannot tell if I am more enamored by Soorya or the author herself. The author has obviously internalized the emotions of her character, leaving the impression that the line between writer and actor is an invisible one. I thoroughly enjoyed The Full Moon Bride for the emotion, education, and entertainment. What I appreciate most is the total lack of manipulation I felt while being led through Soorya's awakening of herself and the man she loves. In summary, The Full Moon Bride is sophisticated, eloquent, difficult to put down and cements a lasting impression.

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