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Virtus Saga

Book 1, The Sex
Book 2, The Game
Book 3, The Festival
Book 4, The Leader
Book 5, The Pledge
Book 6, The Heat
Book 7, The Trace
Book 8, The Keeper


Virtus Saga Book 2
ISBN#: 9781554875689
May 2010
eXtasy Books
289 Pages
GLBT, Fantasy, Paranormal, Menage, m/m, f/f, m/m/f, m/f, m/m/m
Rating: 3 Cups

Prince Caldwell, Chris and Ylianor have been selected to recover a stolen pyramid piece. In order to do so they must play The Game.

The Game is one in which three people must work together by selecting their role (master, guest and slave) which will test their very limits. Along the way a force has been unleashed that must be quelled and the only one who can deal with it is Chris.

Together the lovers, Prince Caldwell and Chris, must learn how Ylianor fits into their lives. Is she there for a moment or for much longer, and will they even survive to find out?

The Game offers a little bit of something for everyone’s taste. I enjoyed the journey both physically and spiritually that Prince Caldwell, Chris and Ylianor were forced to take. Laura Tolimei brings the reader into a fantasy world like no other. I found the journey intriguing for the characters as much as the world because each one brought a different element to The Game. However, I was put off by the pieces of the story I missed which formed each character and set them on their journey. The Game is the second in a series, which should be read in order. The books are connected and parts of the story will be missed without knowledge of the previous book. None of them stand-alone and all are connected by dropped hints of future highlights for the next book.

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