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ISBN# 9781623002664
26 March 2013
Loose Id, LLC
347 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Losing fifteen grand is no drop in the bucket for Derek Fields, although he is trying very hard not to dwell on how close he is to being broke. At thirty-seven, he thinks his life would pretty much be settled, yet here he is scraping to keep his photography business afloat and no significant other to commiserate with.

No matter how much they prod and pry, Landon Moredock cannot tell the FBI or SEC what he does not know. Right now, Lane is just trying to wrap his mind around the fact that everything is gone, and his parents are responsible for stealing millions of dollars from their clients.

Derek does not think that, feeling something for a spoiled little rich kid like Lane, is within his capabilities, considering how much he has lost to Magic Moredock, yet he is so wrong. Lane’s shyness and vulnerability speak volumes to the Dom in Derek, especially when he can see just how strong Lane is on the inside. The more time Lane spends with Derek, the more he wants something that even he cannot comprehend and has no idea how to ask for. There is no way Derek wants to push Lane into something he is not ready for, knowing first-hand how much Lane has already been hurt, both physically and emotionally.

Derek is so right when he gives Lane the credit he is due. Lane may be battered and beaten down, but he keeps trying even when most would give up, making you love him as much as Derek does. I also love that their relationship is slowly and carefully developed, which allows the reader to get into their lives and their story. This writing duo definitely hits the mark with fun entertaining characters and blistering hot love scenes.

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