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ISBN#: 978-0-9796901-6-7
February 2010
Dark Quest Books
158 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 5 cups

Lance is half human and half fae. He leads a biker’s club called The Wild Hunt which contains a motley crew of elementals, fae, human, and Halflings like himself. He is in love with a fae named Suzanne.

Suzanne is fae and is the lover of Lance.

When Suzanne does not arrive back at Delilah’s when she is scheduled to, both Lance and her brother Gavin become very concerned. When Lance looks at the magical tattoo on his arm, he can tell from it that Suzanne is in trouble. Desperate to save her, Lance has to rein in his emotions before he infects everyone else in the bar with them, a side effect of being half fae. He and Gavin take off almost immediately with the intention to both save Suzanne and put some serious hurt on whoever took her. However, only the person who took her really holds the key as to why he took her, and sadly he is not telling. It does not take long though to figure out that someone is gunning for Lance and all those he cares for. Will he be strong enough to keep his loved ones safe?

I do not even know where to begin except to say I absolutely adored this book. I have read a lot of urban fantasy over the years and this is bar none one of the best books I have had the pleasure to read in this genre. Ms. Ackley-McPhail has such a wonderful story telling style, and who would have ever thought to make a bunch of fae into bikers? You have got to love that one! I also enjoyed the fact that the author stuck to fae lore in showing that not all fae are good or even beautiful for that matter. She did a great job of showing how even immortal fae can and do die, and they have many of the same failings that humans do. I also really appreciated the glossary at the end. This book is well worth reading, and I know I will be visiting The Halfling’s Court often through the pages of this book in the future. I encourage everyone else to do so as well, you will not be sorry!

Coffee Time Romance & More




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