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ISBN: 9781462040759 / 9781462040773 / 9781462040766
August 2011
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook
$25.99 / $15.95 / $9.99
216 Pages
Speculative Fiction, Urban fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

For Ivy, being different is a curse. Alone and lonely, Ivy longs to be free of her freakish gift. As a research librarian, she is able to avoid most human contact, the better to safeguard her secret.

Victor is nearly beaten to death by some irate business associates. Lucky for him, Ivy happens upon the scene and is able to rescue him before succumbing to the darkness, asleep in a coma-like state. Victor, on the other hand, is rejuvenated and energized by the experience.

Ivy awakens to find that Victor has been sheltering and caring for her. Both feel as if there is something rare and special developing between them. Ivy begins to open up to Victor, and while Victor seems to genuinely care for Ivy, he also seems torn and confused sometimes. Their idyllic interlude ends when Ivy is captured.

Non-explicit romance mixes with physical combat in this adventure tale about a young woman with extraordinary powers. When she rescues, then falls in love with a mysterious and complicated stranger, her freedom is taken away. Forced to use her remarkable powers under appalling circumstances and austere conditions, Ivy must play along, while desperately watching for an escape opportunity, or risk becoming as depraved and broken as her captors. I loved the premise of this story, but the violence and brutality of the blood sport left me cold, disenchanted. While I could appreciate Ivy’s plight and cared for her, I could not feel the same sympathy or compassion for Victor. To me, his behavior seems too calculated and cold. That Ivy is so besotted with him seems incomprehensible. For those interested in swords, ancient and modern, and those enthused by the legends and exploits of samurai warriors, this is a tale you will not want to miss.

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