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ISBN: 978-1-4490-9187-3
March 3, 2010
Paperback / Trade Paperback
264 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

The people of Erthea have lost their Higher and in that darkness a young girl will emerge. Her name is Eha, and as a chosen Carrier by the gods, her task as a Taker is to retrieve the souls from the dying.

Also a Carrier for the gods, Lucian’s duty as a Deliverer has not shrouded him in darkness and misery. His attractiveness does not go unnoticed, nor does his inability to use caution in matters of the heart.

Eha did not have the choice of becoming a Taker, and once again her choice is being taken away. Never having been to the Mount, Eha has no idea what awaits her, but by the end of the day her transformation is complete. She is now known as Yawhea, or the Higher, ruler of all of Erthea, and she is scared senseless. Her only friend, it seems, is Lucian, but as time passes even that friendship feels the strain of her newfound power, and it will create a divide that could cause a rift in the gods unlike anything that has come before.

This story carries with it the feel of the very Beginning, a time when legends are made, and all of history will be based upon. The battle of good and evil is blurred, and the affair between Yawhea and Lucian is very reflective of this. Neither character shows good judgment, nor do they inspire feelings of compassion or fondness. There seem to be so many layers of mistrust among the gods, and a history that is alluded to but never clearly defined, that I find it hard to embrace any one character throughout this story.

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