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ISBN#: 9781611525311
April 2014
JMS Books, LLC
128 Pages
Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Fiction, Gay, Paranormal, Thriller
Rating: 4 Cups

Damian Truth has been different since the first special sketch. He is on the case of a serial killer and his partner is his lover, Ridge. There is something different about this serial killer and not even a ghost can make him see until is almost too late.

The serial killer is a man of my personas. He is driven to kill by a past he is unable to leave behind. Damian Truth is the only one who is a special and the game is a thrill.

Damian and the serial killer have a strange connection, and it is also the key to stop the string of murders. If Damian is unable to dig deep, he may never find the killer and lose the one man he loves along the way.

The writing of R.W Clinger shoves the reader into the mind of a mad man. There are brief moments when the killer is almost someone to pity. The mind of the killer is right in the reader's face and undeniably a scary individual. Damian and his lover are wonderful characters, though the full picture of the relationship among the characters remains a mystery until the very end. The Highwayman is worth reading for both the mystery and romance lover.

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