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ISBN #: 978-0-307-39503-0
August 2010
Shaye Areheart Books
256 Pages
Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Bezellia Grove is the daughter of one of Nashville’s oldest and most prominent families. She is very independent and questions her parents’ values and beliefs.

Samuel Stephenson is the son of the Groves’ handyman. He is good looking, intelligent and determined to join the civil rights movement. His plans are interrupted by Vietnam.

Bezellia Grove’s world is rapidly changing. Born into a prominent and affluent Southern family, her life looks perfect from the outside. But her mother is a vicious alcoholic, and her father is a womanizing workaholic who is never around for his two daughters. The late sixties and early seventies are an era of great change, and Bezellia is in the thick of it. She is ready to change with the times, but her family and her world are not as ready for the change as she is.

Bezellia leads an interesting life in interesting times. Her family life is deteriorating rapidly, and she is in love with her African-American handyman’s son. This is not a bright and cheery novel at all and more of a Southern Gothic. Bezellia rises above each setback and tragedy a stronger person. The people who surround her are, with the exception of Maizelle, the housekeeper, and Nathaniel, the handyman, often weak and less than admirable, particularly Elizabeth, Bezellia’s mother. The plot takes the reader through one of the most turbulent periods in recent history and Bezellia’s search for love. She is a gutsy character and a worthy descendant of the first Bezellia.

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