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ISBN#: 9781907016431/978190761270
Xcite Books, an imprint of Accent Press Ltd
271 Pages
BDSM; Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

Rita Holly is extremely claustrophobic and when the lights go out on the train, she finds herself panicking. Then a sexy stranger helps her by letting her explore her hedonistic side.

Edward cannot believe his luck when a sensual woman allows him to take her in the dark with other people around listening to their every move. Determined to get to know her better, he invites her to the Mount Club.

Rita is so excited to be at the exclusive club until she realizes all is not what it seems behind closed doors. In order for her to be with Edward and finally see his face, she will have to go through one initiation after another. Vivienne, a woman who has close ties to Edward, will stop at nothing to make sure that Rita is banished from the club and Edward forever. Can Rita take all of the initiation rituals as they pull her into a world full of eroticism and BDSM? Will Edward finally get the woman who means the world to him or will Vivienne once again get her way?

Let me start off by stating that The Initiation of Ms. Holly is so hot I am still tingling a day after I finished reading this novel. Ms. Grace gives us a tale that is so passionately raw that you will feel as if you have been stripped to the bone. The way Rita kept going back to the initiations even though she promised herself time and again that she would not, gave us a real look into her head. I saw how she seemed to struggle with her passionate side, and how the sex was almost like an addiction that she could not get away from. On top of that, you have the villainous vixen Vivienne who is so outrageously diabolical and sexy that you cannot help but find yourself pulled into her world even as you try to hate her for the character she is. This spicy number will heat you up and keep you fully charged for days to come.

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