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The Rose Harbor Inn Series

Book 1: Rose Harbor in Bloom
Book 2: The Inn at Rose Harbor
Book 3: Love Letters

ISBN# 9780345528926
14 August 2012
Ballantine Books
330 Pages
Women’s Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Jo Marie Rose is looking for a new life, after her husband Paul is killed in Afghanistan. The Bed & Breakfast in Cedar Cove seems like the perfect place to begin again. As she settles in, she feels as if events are simply unfolding by a design not her own. Gradually, she comes to realize the peace she feels at the Inn is something she can share with her guests, something that begins almost immediately with the first two people who walk through her door–Josh Weaver and Abby Kincaid.

Josh Weaver has never wanted to return to Cedar Cove, after her stepfather threw him out two weeks before his high school graduation. A phone call from his former neighbor, Michelle, brings him home to an ailing stepfather, who seems just as cantankerous as ever. With the emotional support of warm, loving Michelle, Josh will discover the peace he needs to lay the past to rest and accept that he has a bright future ahead, filled with promises.

Abby Kincaid has not been home to Cedar Cove since surviving the car accident that kills her best friend, Angela. Burdened by horrific guilt and feelings as if her life has been on pause since the accident, Abby has only come back for her brother’s wedding. As she tentatively reaches out to her old friends and family in Cedar Cove, Abby discovers absolution and a chance to move on with life. When she is reunited with her childhood sweetheart at the wedding, she knows that it is time to move beyond past wrongs and seek a future.

Though the Inn at Rose Harbor is not part of Ms. Macomber’s original Cedar Cove series, readers will enjoy the appearance of many of their favorite characters. With several storylines to follow, readers will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to sink into the lives of those who come to stay at Jo Marie’s Bed & Breakfast. Ms. Macomber has struck the perfect balance of disclosure and pacing, to create what is sure to be another wonderful series about the strength and resilience of human nature. I highly recommend this delightful read, full of all the insightful characterization readers have come to expect of Ms. Macomber’s novels.

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