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ISBN#: 9781615818228/9781615818235
March 2011
Dreamspinner Press
350 Pages
Steampunk, Fantasy, Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Lucio is a man of pleasure; not his own but that of others. Until the night he meets the one man who would be different.

Gabrial is uncomfortable with the purchase of a companion but would rather not squander the gift purchased by his assistants. He decides he would honor himself by spending a pleasant evening eating and enjoying the amenities of a haste caste but deny himself the sexual satisfaction offered.

Lucio and Gabrial meet without truly understanding the impact each will have on the life of the other. Determination to be together in the end may not be enough to get them past their station in life and the bitterness of those who are determined to keep them apart.

The Inventor’s Companion is a truly amazing story. The caste system created by Ariel Tachna entices the reader to enter into a love-hate relationship with the story, leaving the reader both hating the subject matter but loving the characters and unable to give either up until the very last revelation. The story has enough up and downs in it to keep the reader unable to determine if there will truly be a happy ending for the inventor and his companion. I highly recommend you enter the world of Ariel Tachna and see if you can contain the sparks of joy and pain created.

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