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Sniper Team Bravo
Book 1: Their Line of Drift

Sniper Team Bravo, Book 1
ISBN#: 9781772337815
March 2016
Evernight Publishing
79 Pages
Contemporary, Suspense, Gay, Erotic
Rating: 5 Cups

Devon Roberts left home eight years ago because his grandmother hated the fact that he was gay and threatened to tell the whole town, including his lover Finn McGregor's father, the local Sherriff. But he always intended to come back for Finn.

Finn McGregor has been living in hell ever since his lover Devon Roberts left Redwood Falls eight years before. His father found out he was gay and has taken every opportunity to beat the hell out of him ever since. Not to mention the fact that the man also beats and terrorizes Finn's mother and his twelve-year-old younger brother. Deep down he is furious with Devon for leaving without so much as a goodbye.

When Devon finally returns home to his grandmother's ranch, he finds it in disrepair, but still livable. He and his team also find a battered Finn. Devon is furious when he discovers that Finn has been taking the brunt of his father's anger for years in order to protect his mother and younger brother. All Devon wants is to rekindle the love he and Finn had now that his grandmother is gone and can no longer hurt them. However, Finn initially does not want anything to do with Devon, his fury at being abandoned, even though he knows this is irrational since Devon made no promises at the time, is still strong. It takes time and Devon seeing firsthand the damage Finn's father is capable of, to set he and his team into action to save not only Finn, but Finn's mother and brother. But, Finn's father is not the only danger to Finn's family and the team, there is another even more dangerous threat out there and if the team does not neutralize it, lives could be lost. Will Finn forgive Devon for leaving? Will they have their second chance, or will an even bigger threat destroy everything?

Their Line of Drift by Maia Dylan is an awesome story! I admit to having a soft spot for stories that include abused characters with the possibility of them being rescued by their loves. This is definitely one of those stories. The characters are very well developed including the second characters. This was a very pleasant surprise and added to the depth of this story. The love scenes are emotional and deep, and the suspense of what is going to happen next really keeps this story moving. I cannot wait for the second story in this series and will most definitely be watching for more from Maia Dylan!

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