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April 27, 2016
Soul Mate Publishing
190 pages
Paranormal romance, urban fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Libby Klink, an accountant, suffers from nearly crippling anxiety and has recently started having odd, strong intuitions since her father’s death. One morning, while stuck in a traffic jam, she meets Nick going car to car; knocking on windows in search of someone ... her. It turns out that her life is in danger and he needs her help, and despite the strange things he claims, she agrees to accompany him. Strangely she feels as if she knows him or has met him before, but she cannot pinpoint how and feels a strong pull of desire for the handsome man.

Nick Geary is the clan leader for a sect of Guardians called Keepers, guided by the Watchers who protect mankind from the Betrayers that siphon energy from negative events that happen in the world. Since he met Libby thirteen years ago he has cared deeply for her, but thanks to a power of the Keepers she sadly forgot him after each time they met. One day he is told by a Watcher to find Libby because she will be needed in order to save them all. Despite the possibility of being hurt again he tracks Libby down and vows not to get too close.

At first Libby has a hard time believing all Nick tells her of the supernatural world, much less believing that she is the one who will save humanity. The more time she spends with him, the more she believes him, though the revelations about her parentage will have everyone wondering if she will do her part. The romance between them blossoms into an intense passion that neither can deny. Maybe this time will be different? The only things keeping them from each other this time are the Betrayers out to destroy all guardians and a dire secret Nick has kept from Libby.

The story is well built, with the explanations and descriptions interlaced into the story neatly, making it so you learn as Libby does. Ms. Neely created an interesting new world with the Keepers, Watchers, and Betrayers, do not let the plain sounding names fool you; the actual beings are a lot more intriguing. Libby is definitely a character to admire and her strong will she has in spite of her anxiety, disappointments, and being frightened by the unknown. It was heartbreaking to see how Nick and Libby’s love was thwarted time and time again because of a power of the Keepers. This was an enjoyable read with a rather well-balanced story of action, suspense, and romance.

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