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ISBN #: 9781611247497
February 2015
Amber Quill Press
141 Pages
Gay / Contemporary / Mystery / Detective / BDSM / Ménage (M/M/M) / Group Sex / Voyeurism
Rating: 4 Cups

Nash McCleery is a New York homicide detective who is no stranger to murder. However, the current set of murders he is investigating are very odd. The victims were tortured and the killer has been leaving a tarot card behind at the murder scene.

Casey Baddock is a dom and a control freak. His childhood was horrendous with a mother who did not protect him from his abusive father and a father who pimped him out to other men from the time he was twelve years old. He may be in control of his life, but he is about to find out there is more to living than control.

When Nash finally tracks Casey down in an expensive high rise apartment, he definitely has questions, particularly when he has been told that Casey is essentially homeless and mooching off of one of his lovers. But Casey is far more than Nash originally thought, and Nash knows upon meeting him that he is hiding something big, that he may even know who their killer is. However, getting Casey to open up and tell him what he knows is another thing. Nash is aware of some of Casey’s past, and what he has discovered about his present leaves him with more questions than answers. Add this to what appears to be a mutual attraction between them, and you have what could turn into a real conumdrum.

I truly enjoyed The King of Hell’s Kitchen, it has everything that makes a good romance, a couple of tortured heroes, a murder mystery, hot cops and the list goes on. The undercover scene at the BDSM club was very hot, and I especially enjoyed the build up to real feelings between the two heroes. The tarot cards and how they play into the story is very original and kept me guessing as to who the killer was and why he was killing. This a great story that I have no trouble recommending to lovers of the m/m romance and suspense genres.

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