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ISBN#: 978-1-59780-135-5
June 2009
Night Shade Books
1423 33rd Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122
312 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Prince Amir is handsome and very arrogant. He wants to marry Princess Eva. He has led a very sheltered life in his cage in Telfar and Sorvinka is a very different place, not just in climate.

Princess Eva is beautiful and the perfect princess. Though delicate looking she is as tough and headstrong as the land she comes from.

Prince Amir travels from the warmth of his desert kingdom to the frozen North to ask for the hand of the lovely Princess Eva. Mystery and intrigue abound in the kingdom of Sorvinka. Princesses go missing, mysterious beasts roam the castle, and there is a war brewing.

First off, this is the middle story of a saga and to get the full experience, I would recommend that you read the first story before getting into this one. This book does stand alone, but I was missing some details. Amir has many quirks and flaws, which made me like him more. There is much to keep the reader interested in the story and no dull stretches like many books of this genre. I found myself getting caught up in the plot and Amir’s adventures making me want to read the rest of the saga, so I bought the first book which I will be starting shortly.

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