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ISBN# 9781926950501
May 2011
Evernight Publishing
E Book
145 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Eva Diakou is an unemployed artist, and her savings are running out fast. She needs money! With no family or friends to think of, she takes a job on the Winterwood Estate. The job promises a large sum of money in exchange for four months of hard work.

Adam Winterwood has lived a long time. He is trapped, paying for a crime he did not commit. Although his punishment was extreme, he finally understands its meaning and knows how to end it.

When Eva gets to the estate, she is confused by the accommodations she is given and lack of work. Out of boredom, she walks the grounds and sketches the statues around the property. When the guests finally arrive, she meets Adam. The pull she feels towards him is almost overpowering, and she quickly develops feelings for him. She knows something is not right, but she cannot figure out what it is.

The Kiss had my attention from the very first page and kept me wondering and thinking until I reached the end. I really enjoyed the way we learn about Adam and Eva separately until they meet. When they meet, watch out! The scenes with them together are a perfect combination of romance and spice. Eva was instantly likable as an average looking, smart girl who asked questions instead of going with the flow. Adam was the perfect tortured hero with a secret. The whole book is well written, and I really enjoyed the ending. I am looking forward to reading more from Ms. Shortt.

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