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ISBN# 9780451233134
May 2011
Heat, an Imprint of New American Library
Trade Paperback
310 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

She has what every woman can only dream of and Emma Watkins knows how lucky she is, but when Ben is taken away, her world stops. For nearly two years she has held an incredible ache inside and the only release she can imagine is to force the pain to the surface.

Standing on the sidelines and watching Emma love his best friend was bittersweet torture for Carter Bates. He has loved her forever, and watching her fade from life is more than he can bear, but as he tries to take a step back, Emma detonates his world.

She is so sick of the tears and longing to have Ben back that Emma practically begs Carter to replace the pain. His hand, his paddle, or his whip, anything as long as the pain outside buries the pain inside. Carter can barely believe what Emma is asking of him, but he loves her too much to resist, and that night will change their lives forever. They think Ben is gone, but he sees everything, and his rage knows no boundaries.

This erotic love story is delivered with a heady dose of the paranormal. Ben, Carter, and Emma are locked in a love triangle that exceeds the limits of life, and if that does not peak your interest, the sex definitely will. Emma’s pain is all consuming, but her desire for Carter and her love for Ben are all entwined until you are as edgy and breathless as she is. The Last Kiss ranges from a little freaky to freaking hot and hits every emotion in between.

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