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ISBN#(S): 0997187212/: 978-0997187212
December 23, 2015
Cara Crescent Books, LLC
298/336 pages
Science Fiction Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Prudence Parnell is the recent widow of Alfred Parnell, former world dictator. In a great purge he sent everyone who did not fit his vision of utopia, including convicts, off-planet to Asteria. She thought Alfred’s death was her chance to escape and become the pioneer she wanted, but his brother Randolph had other plans. When she watched Griff’s trial, she believed she had grown a connection with him. After they survive a crash landing and find that they have to rely on each other to traverse through the hostile environment, she sees that he might be like every other man in her life, out to use her for their own means.

Griffin Jude Payne is the last marine in a world that had abolished all armies except for the army of the UN and its leader, Alfred Parnell. He had hoped to save the world from dictatorship by sacrificing himself and assassinating Parnell, but just might have made things worse. Sentenced to be deported to Asteria, he makes plans to find his brother, hi-jack a ship, and lead a revolt to re-gain his honor. At first he believes ransoming Pru will get him what he wants, but after they combat the hostile environs and creatures of the planet, and dodge the patrols out to find them. he begins to see her in a different light.

After a life spent under the abusive eye of her husband, Pru just wants to live a simple life of her own choosing. Griff is focused on saving Earth from his mistake and re-gaining his honor. She has yet to meet a man who does not have plans of using her to get something. He deems himself as un-worthy due to the atrocities he has been a part of. Surviving the journey to civilization has brought them closer, but there is one more secret that could crush the love they are just discovering. First they have to survive the planet, its aggressive creatures, and evade Randolph, his soldiers, and his blood thirsty lover who has plans of his own

I loved this story! It mixes futuristic, sci-fi, and romance together. The descriptions of every portion of the story were spot on. I could easily picture everything as I read. Every character was well-fleshed out and the secondary ones added their own bit to the story whether it was extra suspense or a touch of humor. Instead of having Griff’s PTSD be magically healed by a woman’s love, his way toward accepting the fact that he needed help was ushered along because of it. Each interaction between Griff and Pru was intensely hot and their chemistry was practically explosive. I would definitely recommend this story and could easily see myself reading it again.

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