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ISBN#: 9781771306195
Evernight Publishing
65 Pages
Romance, Teen, Paranormal, Contemporary, Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Do you think if you could see what is coming in life there would be a way to challenge fate? One night, he was on top of the world, and the next, his world came crashing down. Christian wonders what is left in life when the one person who was home is gone and there is no place left to rest a weary head. Rowe is lost in a life where she is left alone after the one person who was present is forever absent.

Maye knows if she moved on her existence would be better and she knows someone is waiting for her. Unfortunately, the two people she loved most in the world are sent reeling because of her.

Broken since the death of her mother, and an absentee Mom and considered Maye home, Rowe looked to Maye for comfort, and Maye loved them all. Is it possible to save those who she leaves behind, or will they join her sooner than they should?

Wow, The Last Three Words made me an emotional wreck. The pain contained within the pages is difficult to read but all too common when death comes to visit. We often forget to say the things which need to be said, to move forward in honor of those we love, and to appreciate the memories. I will say the story was well written with each point of view aptly addressed, but it is an emotional roller coaster. From the highs of first love to the valleys of teen angst and the lows of death, I was shocked by the ending as I never expected the outcome.

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