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ISBN: 978-1-926950-10-5
Dec 2010
Evernight Publishing
94 Pages
Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Sarah Thompson is attending an American History evening class at Ozark Valley Community College in order to finish earning her degree. The twenty-nine-year-old is about to have everything she thinks she knows turned inside out and upside down.

Sarah feels an immediate attraction to the tall, green-eyed history professor with dark, wavy hair. Professor Charles Underwood seems likewise drawn to Sarah, but he has a dark secret. Charles recognizes that Sarah is a Watcher; unfortunately, Sarah is unaware that a supernatural world exists hidden in plain sight.

Sarah is rapidly thrust into the front lines of a war against the evil Warlock King. Charles and she explore their burgeoning love amid the revelation of ancient prophecies, as she also discovers new powers.

Written in a minimalist style, this is a fast-paced story that sometimes seems to bull-doze ahead too frantically. I feel that many of the scenes could have benefited by the inclusion of more descriptive phrases. The problems faced by the protagonists could have been more fully realized before being resolved. As soon as one issue was dealt with there was another jumping up demanding attention. For me, the scarcity of descriptive detail and break-neck speed make this read less engaging than it otherwise would have been. This is, though, an action-packed quick read with an entertaining premise and generally likeable characters.

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