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October 2009 / May 17, 2010 Re-Released eXcessica
187 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Destiny is a fickle creature, even for the God of gods Zeus. He finds comfort in the ethereal beauty Leto, but though their affair is but a brief moment in time, the results are everlasting.

One such event is the birth of Leto and Zeus’s twins, Artemis and Apollo. They will become gods in their own right, but like their parents before them, love and sorrow will be had in equal measure.

Leto knew the day would come when her children would take their rightful place among the Gods, but giving them up, even for their own immortality, breaks her heart. Artemis lives for the hunt, and has no desire to give away her virginity or her heart, but being Goddess of the moon becomes terribly lonely. God of the sun, Apollo radiates his beauty upon the world, but seems destined to never find everlasting love. Gods and Goddesses may live for eternity, but in doing so are damned to repeat mistakes instead of learning from them.

The Laurel is an interesting little glimpse into the fabled and foiled world of Greek mythology. So many intricate tales with multiple characters weaving in and out of each can make this somewhat confusing at times, but it is a fun read all the same. It is always interesting to be reintroduced to these age-old tales, and there never seems to be an end to the trouble they get into. Ms. Rose is a captivating storyteller whose amazing eye for detail comes through in everything she writes.

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