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Elizabeth Lane
ISBN# 13:976-0-373-29679-8
March 2012
280 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 cups

California, 1858. San Francisco detective Flynn O’Rourke has just been dealt a heartbreaking blow – his sister was found dead, strangled and left in an alleyway after one of her musical performances. He decides to hunt down the killer, Aaron Cragun, at his home on the California coastline, and see that he is brought to justice.

But Flynn did not anticipate the violent storm. As he sails closer to Cragun’s cliff top abode, his boat smashes against the rocks and he is knocked unconscious. The next thing he knows, he is staring into a pair of deep blue eyes and a women he does not know is urging him to take a sip of water. More disconcerting, he does not remember who he is or what he is doing there.

Sylvie Cragun is beside herself with shock. Who is this mysterious stranger who has washed up on the cove, and what is his reason for sailing to such an isolated place? As her mystery man cannot answer these questions, and is burning up with fever, she takes it upon herself to tend to him, even though she is initially afraid. Her father is in San Francisco, and only she and her younger brother are at home. But somehow Sylvie is still drawn to the stranger, and can only hope that his intentions for coming here are good.

Elizabeth Lane crafts an exciting and page-turning story in The Lawman’s Vow.
The ensuing troubles and tribulations that Sylvie and Flynn must face keep the reader on their toes, while the intensifying feelings between the two makes for a captivating read. The question of if and when Flynn regains his memory, and what the outcome will be, constantly hangs in the balance and had this reviewer thoroughly absorbed in the storyline. Very highly recommended.

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