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Ties that Bind

Book 1: Blood of a Leo
Book 2: The Link that Binds
Book 3: Heart of Dame
Book 4: Keeping Zane
Book 5: Biting Liam

ISBN#: 9781920501174
October 2011
Silver Publishing
182 Pages
Gay, Paranormal/Alternate World, Romance, Shape-Shifter, Vampires
Rating: 5 Cups

Link is human and a drug dealer for a group of vampires. He distributes drugs that are only for paranormals, and which would probably kill a human. Originally fascinated by the idea that vampires existed, his curiosity puts himself and others in great danger. He owns and operates a bar.

Jace is a cat shifter who is a white cat with black spots and ice blue eyes. He has been captured by the very vampires that Link is working for, and they have a sinister plan for him and his kind.

When Jace is given to Link for blood samples and put in a cage no less, he is truly ticked off. The fact that he is attracted to the very man who is taking his blood, and helping the vampires he is fighting against, does not make him any happier. When Jace tries to escape, Link catches him and satisfies both their sexual curiosities. Unfortunately, it does not solve either of their problems or so they think. The vampires show up and take him back to be traded for one of their own. Jace is finally back in the bosom of his adopted family, but he is mess. He cannot concentrate, he is overheated, and he does not have any appetite. He suspects that Link is his mate, but decides he is not going to do anything about it, that is until Solomon, the leader of his pride steps forward and forces him into action. While this temporarily solves his problem of being in heat, it does not solve the bigger problem of what he is going to do about the man he now knows is his mate. Is Link really as much of a bad guy as he seems or are the vampires holding something over his head that keeps him continuing to provide them with drugs? It is only through Solomon’s intervention that the day has the chance to be saved.

I had the pleasure of reading the first book in this series, Blood of a Leo, and I absolutely LOVED it! The Link That Binds is just as good as the first book, and I loved this story just as much. I really enjoyed the suspense of finding out if Link was or wasn’t a true bad guy, and the fact that he had flaws made the story really captivating. The relationship dynamics between Link and Jace are opposite what you would think initially because in most shifter stories it is the shifter who is the big strong alpha male, but in this case it is the human. This made for a very pleasant change of venue in this story. I also liked the addition of Link’s secret and how that played into the story. Add the fact that the sex is uber hot, and you have a winner of a story in my opinion! Ultimately, this story has everything that makes a story truly excellent, true love, uber hot sex, action, drama, and a very emotional love story. If I could give this story a higher rating than 5 cups I would do so without hesitation! If you are into the paranormal, and love stories about shifters, vampires and other paranormals and how they mix with the human world, you do not want to miss this truly spectacular story, or the series for that matter! I for one cannot wait for the next book in this series, all I can say is, Ms. Hawkes, bring it on, and soon please!

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