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ISBN#: Unavailable
July 2009
Freya’s Bower
42 Pages
Dark Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Clio works for an advertising agency and is newly married to Jon. They promised each other that each would make time for the other, but it seems that only Clio is following through with their promise.

Dion is only part of his true name. He is handsome and powerful and used to getting anything he wants.

Clio is a little disenchanted with her new husband, Jon. Jon is spending entirely too much time on his new account and comes home late every night. More often than not he has had too much to drink. The client makes Clio very uneasy. Dion is very handsome and powerful and entirely too interested in her. The women who live with him are beautiful and predatory, and Jon is not impervious to their charms either. She still loves her husband, but the atmosphere is getting more and more ominous.

This is an interesting and creepy tale. Dion and his Maenads will give you the chills right from the beginning of the story. I liked Clio’s character, but Jon and his partner, Jarrod, seem a bit weak, leaving them both open to the corrupt Maenads. The author does a good job of turning a Greek god into a successful businessman looking for love.

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