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Gardinian World Series

Book 1: The Lycan Hunter
Book 2: Heart of a Rocky
Book 3: The First of Spring


Gardinian World, Book 1
29 May 2014
336 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

In the beginning, Lycans—shape shifters --were created by a goddess who was not to mess with creation, the Lycans cursed, and she banished from the godly realm. From this action the race of hunters—tasked to eradicate the Lycans—were created along with a prophecy.
"When the Lycan and the Hunter come to an accord, the fallen goddess will be restored.”
The war has gone on for 8,000 years and the prophecy has been mostly forgotten, until now…

Alexis, a hunter, despite believing she is lacking in many ways—one being her height--is one of the guild’s top hunters. Her latest mission puts her into a fight between rogue Lycans where she is seriously injured. Fate has other plans for her and she is rescued by Kyran, who takes her back to his pack for healing. She finds she is more than just a hunter, and might be part of a prophecy that is to bring peace between warring races and restore a banished goddess. Which has her going against everything she was raised to believe in, has her working with her sworn enemy, and dealing with the intense desires he awakens in her.

Kyran, a Lycan alpha and new leader of his pack, believes in the prophecy and wants peace between the races. He wants to build trust with the hunters and believes he made a good start, until the hunter he was talking with went missing. After coming upon the fight between Lycans, he finds an injured Alexis—who surprisingly is his soul mate, and takes her to be healed. Despite the fact that she is the enemy, he finds himself strongly attracted to her, which has him indecisive about if the danger she represents is good for him and his pack. Will his heart win over his thoughts, and will that decision be made in time?

The rescue of Alexis is just the start to everything, betrayals from new and old sources, interference by the gods and the blossoming of new love and seemingly impossible relationships follow. An attempt by the gods is made to cultivate peace, but along with forgetting their origins the hunters have forgotten the gods themselves. That forgetting prompts the gods to give and take back their blessings. Despite issues with the hunters Kyran and Alexis will need to learn to accept the extra attention from the gods and the parts they are to play. Kyran wants peace, the gods want to restore their sister, and the hunters just want to kill everything … who will win?

I loved this book with its vivid world building, multi-layered characters, and its unique mythos regarding gods and shape shifters. The writing was awesome, I was drawn into the story from the first, at one point I thought the story might simply end, but it was actually just the beginning of a more complex story containing gods, goddesses, mythology and the emotional growth of two people who were true mates whose relationship which was like a real one and not one of those “wham, bam, we’re mated man” matings you see in some other stories. It happened to hit everything that I like in books mixed together in the right amount, with engaging prose that doesn’t sound like every other book out there. This was a great start to a new series and I am looking forward to reading what comes next!

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