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ISBN# 9781926931579
April 2011
Muse it Up Publishing
E Book
221 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Dana Pierce is an unusual young woman on a quest to find and help free a man from a terrible, inherited curse. Meticulous research has led her to a small coastal community in Oregon. Regrettably, her single-minded dedication to her mission has aroused the attention of a vicious, unbalanced killer.

His acute senses are in overload; her tantalizing scent bewitches him. Calen Meer thought his old persona was truly buried until the nosy reporter comes poking around. She arouses his lust and his anger simultaneously. He finds the intolerable situation confusing and irritating.

A killer is on a rampage, and several young women have been brutally slain; their throats ripped out, bodies slashed. At first, there is speculation that a rampaging bear may be the culprit. Calen tracks the beast and tries to warn Dana to leave the area, but he is only partially successful. Meanwhile, Aiden, Dana’s adopted brother, also begins having frightening visions. A prophecy is set in motion.

This debut novel is rich in imagery. The emotional connection between the leading characters is wrought with clarity, attention to fine detail, and an abundance of believability. I also like that the secondary characters seemed real to me, too. At times, my attention wandered, though, especially during the first half. I think a tighter story structure would have been helpful, as there were a few instances where I felt the story was not being propelled along quite fast enough. Still, the sense of place, the feeling of impending doom, and the hopeful optimism consistently embraced by the heroine are remarkably well-portrayed throughout, especially for a first novel, and made this story interesting. Ms. Durham is certainly a writer to watch, and I look forward to reading more stories from this new talent.

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