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Book 1 in the Red Hot Fantasies
ISBN# 978-0-9878545-6-8 (ePub); 978-0-9878545-7-5 (Kindle)
December 23, 2011
Edge of Ecstasy
36 Pages
Contemporary, Ménage
Rating: 4 Cups

When first interviewing male strippers for her girlfriend’s bachelorette party, Becca Courtland feels a lusty tug of attraction towards one particular applicant. Afterwards, she endures recurring arousing fantasies about him. The day of the party, Becca’s friends start conjuring up images about being taken by two guys, then four guys, or more. This fuels her already heighten libido, instead of one guy now two guys showcase their provocative beauty in her cerebral porno.

Male strippers, Cal and Don, harbor lusty sexual fantasies, and hope to see them become reality. Don’s smutty daydream is being seduced during an audition. Cal’s carnal chimera is a simple amorous late night tryst with a client. Luckily, their moment has come and its one woman who is ready to make everything come to bear.

She forgets to sign the check for his performance, so Cal returns to Becca’s house with Don in toe. A threes-some finally comes together, amid some exotic dancing, an overt touch by needy fingers, and as first shirt is removed it unleashes a maelstrom of fiery passion. Can three impulsive, spicy fantasies come to life in just one night?

Dedicated solely to those diminutive, erotic flights of fancy, the Red Hot Fantasies series has been successfully launched. The Male Stripper is a bold, spicy ménage that possesses exceptional writing, offering a voyeuristic opportunity into three peoples’ lives as they revel in their sexual fantasia. From the get go, Becca, Cal, and Don are intriguing, enjoyable and likable characters making this story quite conceivable. Their carnal unions are erotic and well orchestrated, taking up many of the pages. Ms. Carew makes sure this short story’s erotic ambience dominates. A keeper for sure, The Male Stripper is one that will be opened many more times.

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