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ISBN# 978-1-77127-220-9
December 2012
MuseItUp Publishing
313 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Janie is a tortured artist who is plagued with nightmares, and has to paint them to free herself from them. Those paintings will mean a lot more than the release from her nightmares. They could lead a way for the original fallen angel to ascend back to heaven. Suddenly, she is wanted by different sides; one of them wanting to kill her. At first she thinks it is all a part of a movie plot, then she is faced with the truth; that a fallen angel needs her help

Luke, AKA Lucifer, is the original fallen angel and vampire, after his fiasco in the Garden of Eden. His only goal seems to be to rejoin his forbidden love, Eve, up in heaven. Jesus, his brother, tells him long ago of a prophecy that could mean he can go back, which involves finding a woman marked with a symbol who can show him the way. The problem is finding her and keeping her alive this time, since this might be her last incarnation.

The Grigori, the evil vampires, are after her and want to prevent her from fulfilling her role in the prophecy and helping Luke to ascend. He has to convince her to accept his protection this time, before it is too late. At first Janie looks to be just someone he can use to get back to heaven, but the possibility of her being his soul mate has him re-thinking that. It also has him questioning whether or not he still wants to be with Eve.

I really enjoyed this story because it has a different take on traditional theology mixed with some paranormal aspects. The mix produces an elaborate and distinctive world that gives you a different take on the plight of Lucifer, and his fall. In the beginning of the story there are a lot of characters introduced, which can be a bit bewildering, but it evens out as the story progresses. Luke and Janie’s account is wrapped up, but there is the brimming potential of more stories set in this interesting new world.

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