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The Game Maker Series
Book 1: The Professional
Book 2: The Master

The Game Maker Series, Book 2
ISBN#: 9781451650075
17 February 2015
368 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Cat Marin is a girl with a past that is trying to eat her alive. She is willing to admit that it was stupid to return to Miami, but after so many years she wanted a chance to be near her home. Now a chance sighting leaves her with no choice but to skip town as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, she only knows of one way to make the quick cash she needs.

Working as a high dollar escort was never in Cat’s long-term plan. Waiting for her billionaire playboy client, who might or might not be Russian mafia, is nerve racking. Cat figures it will just be one night, one client, and then she is out for good. Then Maksimilian Sevastyan answers the door and all her good sense is gone.

Maxim has secrets of his own, but he pushes Cat farther than she has ever been. His dominating presence both in and out of the bedroom surrounds her, wakes her up, and sends her to the edge of pleasure, pain, and submission. No matter the consequences, Cat is beginning to believe that she will never be able to walk away from Maxim. And just maybe he will never be able to let her go.

If the imagined sound of a Russian accent is not sufficient to make you swoon, the steamy scenes in this book will most definitely do it. The chemistry between Cat and Maxim launches off the pages and sucks you in on page one. Not only does this book deliver a fantastic and also realistic love story involving some light BDSM elements, the subtext of human emotion is superb. I cannot wait to read the first book in the series and am psyched to see how the next one turns out.

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