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The Submissive Series

Book 1: The Submissive
Book 2: The Dominant
Book 3: The Training
Book 4: Seduced By Fire
Book 5: The Chalet
Book 6: The Enticement
Book 7: The Collar
Book 8: The Master

Book 9: The Exhibitionist

The Submissive Series, Book 8
ISBN#: 9780451474551
February 2, 2016
New American Library
Trade Paperback
$15.00 US/$20.00 CAN
336 Pages
Contemporary Romance, BDSM
Rating: 4 Cups

Panic attacks plague Sasha Blake at random, and she is sick to death of feeling like this. She wants her life back, sex and submission included.

The intensity Cole Johnson shows as a Dominant has earned him a well-respected reputation among his peers. He gives submissives his absolute focus, expecting the same in return.

After the debacle with Peter, Sasha understands her friend’s worries about her training with Cole. But it is his power and commitment to subs that calls to something deep inside her. Cole not only revels in Sasha’s submission, he rejoices in every smile. As exhilarating as their time together has been, Cole fears he may be holding Sasha back. Though the thought of her moving on just about kills him.

Sasha’s ability to understand and accept her needs, as well as having the courage to get them fulfilled, is absolutely empowering. I also love how in awe Cole is of her strength, and how he does everything he can to see her succeed. Their M/s dynamic works so well because of the deep respect they have for each other. Tara Sue Me taps into the heart and soul of the BDSM lifestyle, which I feel makes her stories such intoxicating reads.

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