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ISBN#: (13) 978-1-60601-543-8/(10) 1-60601-543-5
September 2009
Siren Publishing
123 Pages
EROTIC Romance Science Fiction Alternative (M/M or F/F)
Rating: 4 cups

Jiri is a mechanic who works for his stepfather for free. The man provides him with just enough to keep him alive and that is about it. Jiri despises his stepfather, but in a world devastated by plague and infested with Night Dwellers, it is every man for himself.

Zane is the leader of the biker gang, The Death Dealers. Despite the scary looks and some of the things Zane has to do to survive and keep his people going, he is a fair man. The first time he sees Jiri, he wants him for himself.

When Jiri’s stepfather cheats Zane by giving him parts for his gang’s motor bikes that are defective, Zane is furious and about to take it out of the man’s hide when Jiri stumbles on the altercation. While Jiri has no idea what is going on, it is not long before he figures it out and is able to not only help Zane but also get the money back that his stepfather stole from him. However, Zane wants more than a refund, he wants Jiri and makes a deal with his stepfather that if he can have Jiri, then he will not harm Jiri’s stepfather. Jiri is less than pleased with the outcome but knows he has no choice. However, it becomes apparent rather quickly that Zane is a good man, and while the idea of being a “pet” and still being under someone’s thumb is not appealing, the way Zane cares for him is, and it is not long before he is falling for Zane. Does Zane feel the same way, or will Jiri only ever be a “pet?”

The Master’s Pet has some very interesting and not altogether unlikely world building. Ms. Glenn answers the question of what would happen if a plague devastated our world. While I would have liked a few more details on the Night Dwellers and where the food that the Death Dealers had came from, overall, this is a very entertaining story. The relationship between Jiri and Zane was realistic, and I really liked how careful Zane was with Jiri, this really makes the story. Jiri cracked me up on more than one occasion with his almost too innocent questions, but given his background, his behavior makes sense. I enjoyed how the relationship between Jiri and Zane developed, and the climax is to die for. This is another winner in my opinion from a very talented author, and I look forward to reading many more like it.

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