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ISBN# (13): 978-1-935013-87-7
June 2009
Wild Child Publishing
172 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Anadreya Richardson likes to be referred to as Dreya. When it comes to firing a pistol, she is a fair shot. Not only is the young lady a spy, she is also Macgregor’s daughter.

Lucian Sebastian Spence, Marquis of Canderlay happens to be the king’s favorite lackey. As the blackguard, he decides to go after Dreya. He never imagined any woman to be this exasperating.

Dreya is a spy, wanted by the King, and Lucian. There is a reward for her capture. It has been a while since she has seen her father and considers staying with him, but he, too, is busy with his affairs. Lucian finds himself in an accident that has him drifted up to shore. Dreya is there to nurse him back to health. He has temporary lost his eyesight and is not aware of the things going on around him. It is during this time, he and Dreya become closer, even with some of their bickering. As the war around them continues, they both have a mission. Will Lucian be able to capture her heart, when it was he who branded her a spy years ago? Or will each of them find themselves in a web unable to become untangled?

I would first like to say the cover of this book is awesome. I loved how Dreya is a dynamite character, with her strength, and wisdom, that shines out in this story. The way that Dreya, Lucian, and even her father, play out in this book is oftentimes powerful. The audience will indeed be engaged with the action, suspense and exciting romance that entertains completely. The Macgregor’s Daughter is a fast paced venture not to be missed. Dee Julian captures a lovely Scotland setting, with likable character in this stunning read.

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