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ISBN: (13) 9780345530394/(13)9780345535580
21 August 2012
Ballantine Books
432 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Never wanting to be a widow, Maddie Kimble knows it is a strong possibility. Her husband of six years, Aiden James, has a thirst for everything life has to offer. As a renowned mountaineer and climbing enthusiast, he takes chances with his safety on a daily basis. When an avalanche snatches Aiden from Maddie and their son Gabriel, she is heartbroken, confused and desperately lonely.

Never intending to lose his best friend and climbing partner on Mount McKinley, J.C. is determined to look after the wife and son Aiden has left behind. The task is not difficult. J.C. has loved Maddie almost as long as Aiden. All this time, J.C. has taken care to remain in the background, to love her without overstepping himself. Now he is torn between loyalty to the memory of his friend and his love for Maddie.

Nicholas cannot remember anything before the motorcycle accident that has nearly taken his life. In a freak twist of fate, the only memories he can access inside his muddled brain belongs to a deceased mountaineer named Aiden James. A man Nicholas has never met. The more he tries to sink back into the life that should have been his, the more out of sync he feels.

The Memory Thief is a beautiful story of restraint, passion and love crossing from one life to the next. Ms. Colin’s characters are vividly drawn with a zest for life readers will long to experience for themselves. The unique concept that forms the basis for this book is extremely complex and at times, it is difficult to follow the fluid timeline. However, those who persevere will be rewarded with a striking and satisfying resolution.

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